Client: HB Bags – Colombia
Project: Branding
Designer: Aldrich G. Pérez

This logo was created for a Colombian design brand HB Bags, specializing in fashion, handbags, purses and clothing. Fashion design focuses on apparel and custom ornamentation depending on culturally and socially accepted standards within a particular period. In contrast to costume design, fashion design creates seasonal products and follows several basic concepts.

HB bags believes that fashion is a form of utilitarian art, which means that it combines aesthetics with the functionality of the article. In HB bags the choice of fabric and materials not only implies how well it will look, but also how we will feel it while we use the item. The value, quality and characteristics of the materials are also considered. For example, creating a silk dress usually requires more subtle styles and decorations, rather than creating a winter jacket made of thick wool.

Design ideas also depend on the current trend of fashion, as dictated by leading popular designers such as Dolce and Gabbana or Louis Vuitton and the current trend of popular culture.