Client: Editorial Igneo
Project: Branding / Logo
Design: Aldrich Pérez

Location: Venezuela
Date: 2017




Caduceus is an editorial of medical books, part of Editorial Igneous. It could be said that the moment in which a future doctor takes the interest to find out about medical books, he/she is reflecting the seriousness with which they carries out their studies. You will even have the possibility of knowing the different perceptions that the experts have regarding an illness.

A document travels more than a human being. For example, veterinary books written in France, can be translated into thousands of languages ​​and reach the hands of an internal doctor who tries to know more about the specialty they wish to choose. This is done without the need for that person to visit another country.

If the author is good, readers might require other copies created by him. It means people who buy these texts will develop a kind of attraction for each medical topic that the writer comes up with, just like happens with the juvenile sagas and self-help books.

Medical students will obtain better results in their evaluations, if they search beyond the reprints they receive at their universities. It’s better to have extra information than to ignore a topic altogether.



The logo was inspired by the Caduceus symbol: the insignia of the herald. It’s better known as an object owns by Hermes (or Mercury), messenger of the gods of Olympus. Among the Romans it served as a flag of truce that originally consisted of an olive branch. In its usual form it consists of two snakes rolled on a rod supported by a pair of wings. The caduceus gradually replaced the rod of Asclepius, God of Medicine.