Costa Alorda

Cliente: Costa Alorda
Proyecto: Propuesta de identidad
Diseño: Aldrich G. Pérez

Costa Alorda © is a brand of accommodation located in Mallorca, that wanted to update its image with a younger and tropical style. Mixing a retro style with a modern touch, we seek to play with the correct typography, that will speak about the brand just by reading it. The banana tree was an element that the brand wanted to highlight as main and that ultimately helped the composition in its harmony.

Costa Alorda says

We have extensive experience in architecture photography and video and vacation rentals and hotels. We know what customers are looking for. You can have information about our prices in photography by contacting us. Costa Alorda is a small family business of Mallorcan origin, we like the personalized service, reason why we dedicate ourselves to projects that we like, that fill us and where we can have a unique deal with our clients. Our maxim is your complete satisfaction, your confidence and the objective results we achieve in the different properties.

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