Cliente: Editorial Ediquid
Proyecto: Cover for the book Dos amores, dos continentes
Diseño: Aldrich Pérez

The intricate connections that unite the characters of Dos amores, dos continentes (“Two Loves, Two Continents”) have their origin in a war: the Lebanese civil war that uprooted thousands of families and took them to different corners of the world. That is why the war is a tenuous background that however strongly marks the evolution of the characters of this novel. Romantic by its structure, by its argument (which may seem simple): the romance between the inexperienced and innocent Yasmina, from a traditional lebanese family, and Enrique, a Venezuelan man more knowledgeable of a world that is alien to his love interest.

But Dos amores, dos continentes is more than that: the facts narrated by Nasr describe with human depth the fluctuations of women in traditionalist societies, turning the novel into a request for freedom and femininity amid the repression represented by «good intentions» of the families that «wanting the best for their daughters» end up subjecting them to incomprehension and distancing them from true love. Because there is Dos amores, dos continentes another type of love: the “forced love” for the customs, that lead Yasmina to relate to a man she does not love, a “macho-man”, a womanizer, who nevertheless “loves her in his own way” , one that is accepted by society.

Dos amores, dos continentes is the story of the survival of love in the harshest conditions. It is not a forming novel in its classical conception, nevertheless it shows Yasmina’s growth through different countries and different loves and her particular struggle that becomes the brawl of every woman who claims a leading role and not only complementary in society.


For this cover, multiple exposures were used: a technique that had its origin in analog photography, consisting of exposing several times on the same negative, without going to the next. The most common process was to do it twice, which is called double exposure. With colors set in the context of history, tones from the Middle East were used.