Client: Huertaapp
Project: Logotype / Brand creation
Design: Aldrich Pérez




Huertaapp is an application specialized on the delivery management of horticultural products from the farm to your home. Their goal is to expand environmental awareness and sustainability on the fresh consumption of fruit and vegetable products, supporting the small farmer and generating a space in the market to sell their products. They’re a Foundation that brings together farmers; a company with experience in the distribution of fruits and vegetables, an investment fund for sustainable projects.


The concept to create a logo for Huertaapp was simple: a modest design that relates to a fruit and that had the initial of the brand: H. All this focused on the web environment, specifically the Apps. So, two elements were taken as a basis; the letter H and an apple -for being one of the most common fruits- and we merged them obtaining a very attractive and functional logo that fulfills the initial concept.