Client: LegalApp
Project: Logo design / Brand
Design: Aldrich Pérez

Location: Venezuela
Date: 2017

Legalapp is an application of legal consultants who decided to reach their clients thinking about their comfort.

Professionals with years of experience who have extensive knowledge in the Venezuelan Law System. The company is extremely zealous in the observance of the ethical canons of the profession contained in the rules that govern the subject such as privacy and professional relationship.

Main element

LegalApp wanted to represent in their identity a logo easily associated with legal issues, so this brand was based on one of the most popular judicial icons; The justice palace.


And the intention to adapt it to the an apps modern platform, taking the acronym of the brand (L) as the main element. In Artpargata we formed an L with the emblematic appearance of a column, obtaining a Flat logo with a simple, versatile, classic and sober form.