Cliente: Abraham Pincel
Proyecto: Diseño de logotipo / Brand identity
Diseño: Aldrich Pérez




Abraham Pincel agrees that tattooes are not only considered a representation of ancient cultures, passing fashion or allusion to criminality, but it is a type of art. Proof of this is the creation of specialized museums on the subject, like The Tattoo Museum in Mexico, Triangle Tattoo Museum in the United States, Tattoo Museum “El Templo” in Spain and the Tattoo Museum in Amsterdam, in addition to several exhibitions that have taken place in several museums around the world such as the Museum of the Branly Dock in France, «Tattooers, tattooed» or more recently «Prison Art and Tattoos. Unique sample», in Mexico.

According to Pincel, in different cultures tattoos are related to animals. Some societies that have or have had tattoos in their culture are: ancient Egypt, Bali and Java, Polynesia, Great Britain and Greece. In 1769, tattoos were rediscovered by several Polynesian explorers. Since then they were widely used among sailors, workers and prisoners in the early part of the 19th century.



Nowadays tattooing has become a common denominator among young people, sometimes as a display of “rebelliousness,” says Pincel, especially in Western Society. Tattoos have several uses like identification, decoration, beauty, cosmetics, religion and even witchcraft.

An example of identification tattoos can be seen in the case of the Second World War, in which the Nazis marked the Jews to concentration camps. In education, the museums of the cultures of the world offers a workshop dedicated to the arts and body aimed at high school students, which can be complemented with a thematic guided tour on the rituals of passage, a very interesting topic for young people and adolescents.

This graphic identity made by Aldrich Pérez for AbrahamPincel” is based on lettering and gothic style, usually identified as the preferred style by tattoo artists. Abraham is a venezuelan tattoo artist, currently working in Los Teques, Miranda. You can follow his work on Instagram. Pincel is characterized by his work in the following styles:



Ornamental tattoos are those with a geometric and abstract style. They are styles that are the result of mixing geometric themes made with blends of styles. For this reason we can find ornamental tattoos made with dotwork aesthetics or pointillism. Many professionals usually include in this style all tribal or Maori tattoos; although we could indicate that the ornamental style has developed in the last two decades.


Without doubt one of the most popular styles today. They are realistic tattoos based on black ink. It is also possible to make use of white inks, though it’s not the most common.


It’s a variety product of the old school style and the most modern graphic elements. Tattoos are very similar to old school tattoos, but we can differentiate them by the use of constant gradients or dotted profiles. There are much more varied themes used, so we can’t find specific topics of this particular style.

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