Client: Business Group Oportunidad
Project: Graphic identity Creation
Design and graphic concept: Aldrich Pérez




The word “opportunity” comes from the Latin opportunitas, formed by “op” that means “before”, and “portus” that expresses “port”: “in front of the port”. It’s a phrase that explains the different options that a sailor or navigator has time to reach a safe harbor. But the Latin “portus” not only referred to the port that goes to the sea, but any opening that allows transportation, for example a mountain pass. So instead of thinking from the sea to the port you have to think of an exit. That is, opportunity could be considered as the quality of an opening that lets us leave the place or situation in which we are. So we see that the one who takes advantage of this opening for a personal benefit every time he shows up is called Opportunist.




Starting from the word opening, and its importance within the etymological concept, we take literally that of a classic sailor telescope. This lens or aperture will have as graphic objective to represent that look to the opportunities that are presented to you and the focus and dedication that you will give to your projects, opportunities that thanks to the magazine you will be able to take advantage of.

Regarding the creation of a logo for a magazine, it is well known that typography is the most successful for marketing purposes, as well as its versatility to mix with photographs.