Revista Oportunidad


Client: Oportunidad Magazine
Project: Magazine concept and Diagramming
Designers: Aldrich Pérez y Susana Santos

Location: Venezuela

The Oportunidad magazine 

The content in Oportunidad is designed and directed to any reader with curiosity for the art of entrepreneurship in a simple, clear and entertaining language, in which they will find different opportunities for starting a business and the necessary material to develop one, from the most innovative concepts to the most traditional, from those that require a considerable investment to those that involve a minimum (seed capital).

The participation in Oportunidad, more than an advertising investment, constitutes an investment in the growth of the country, done to the fact of being the first publication (magazine version) in the venezuelan market that aims to invite the public to know and venture into the world of entrepreneurship, which could positively impact the development and improvement of the country.


The magazine was designed to have a clean, pleasant reading design. The target is essentially young people, so modern life was one of our aims, without leaving out other fundamental aspects as seriousness and elegance. Using a combination of fonts such as Brandom Grotesque and Libre Baskerville we managed to have an impact on the titles and a comfortable reading in the paragraphs, since most of the articles are extensive.