Client: Herencia Divina
Project: Diseño de logotipo / Empaque / Packaging / Brand
Design: Aldrich Pérez

Herencia Divina

Chocolate Factory


Before making a sketch of what would be the logo, we talked about how the brand was visualized, how they wanted to see themselves, what they wanted to convey to the public, the people target that was wanted to take the product. The motive of this process was to arrive at a more objective idea when making the logo and all the identity that it brings with it, which is achieved by knowing the basis and foundations of the brand.

Miguel Rodríguez, founder of Herencia Divina, had the vision to show an elegant product, within a sober context without, yet, going unnoticed. To achieve this, after a storm of ideas, came the association of dark chocolate with gold itself. Colors like gold stand out perfectly with the darker shades of brown. Starting from something as important as colorimetry, we started talking about the elements that should contain the logo itself, symbolic elements rooted in the concept of the brand, as were the cocoa seed, and the cocoa flower. For reasons we might call destiny, the name of Herencia Divina was born. With these two we already had the base to begin to devise and create the logo.




These are the three colors that can be used in the logo, as a single color but not combined. These are the two ranges of colors that can be combined to be used in any element, either if they’re texts, images, icons or effects. You can combine tones between the two ranges.




Since Herencia Divina is a handmade product, we looked for the most efficient way to create a functional package that could be assembled at home without decreasing elegance from the product. The packaging serves the graphic concept with which the brand has been handled from the beginning: a product that, despite being handcrafted, remains elegant and sober. It is adjusted to the size of the tablet, so that it can be opened without breaking it and preserving the packaging if the consumer wishes to.